Genealogy of Our Hamman Family
Picture of Our Hamman Family: July 2009
Our Family Tree**:   DFT file, just click here and then on the tree icon -- this file is updated frequently, last update on 9-Oct-2011
**Although I encourage people to freely take info from this tree, please don't forget to reference my work and that of others I referenced! Primary ancestral lines that we are researching:  Hamman, Nichols, Welty, Fehlberg, Kimble, Hiesrodt, Fanckboner/Fanckpohner/Finkbeiner, Lutz, Baxter, Delamater, Mertz, Swartz, Mains/Maines, Locke/Lock, Buckingham, Felt, Crose, Matik/Mattick, Paar/Parr, Jackson, Leach, Blue, Hawkins, Crafts, Kline/Klein, Picard, Posten, Moyer, Snider, Roth, Lotz, Kloss, Keil, Nagel, Wirth, Hendrix, Moon, Jenks, Miller, Conkling, Knapp, Hemenway, Richards, Scott, Bogard, Drowne, Jeffers, Pease, Miller, Mixsell, Fluegge, Strelow, Rubbert, Wissing, Schroeder, Andresen, Schaefer, Never
Our Most Famous Ancestors and War Veterans
1) Most Famous; 2) War veterans
Hamman Y-chromosome Study :
Study organized by Phil Ritter and myself, please see my website or Phil's website for results and further details.  In summary, we first focused on the Hamman families that settled in Northern Indiana in the mid 1800's, but later expanded to all Hamman (also Hamann, Hammann, etc.) lines of mostly Germanic origin.  We've now identified 32 separate clans of German origin, mine is the one belonging to the G2 haplogroup.
Earliest Pictures of Our Hamman Ancestors:
1) my GGGgrandfather Frank Hamman with two of his brothers and first cousin Valentine. L-R: Valentine, Frank, John, Noah (~1890)
2) my GGgrandparents Elzie and Alice (Baxter) Hamman with my Ggrandfather Lester (~1903)
Nichols Y-Chromosome Study:
This study is underway and we are interested in recruiting anyone with the surname of Nichols.  Initial participants descend from Nichols of Colonial America.  If you would like to participate, please email me at  Paternal ancestry of each participant and YDNA results are shown here.
Picture of my GGgrandpa Orson Nichols
taken about 1865, after he returned from the Civil War
Clan Ursula: Founding Mother of Europe
Otherwise known as mtDNA Haplogroup U5, click here to find out more.  Click on Wilhelmine Paar-Lutz, my earliest proven mtDNA donor, for a picture of her taken around 1870 with her husband Wilhelm and their first two kids.
Other DNA-Based Studies on Our Ancestors:
1) Kimble/Kimball YDNA Project
2) Welty YDNA Project
3) Fehlberg YDNA Project
4) Fanckboner/Fangboner/Finkbeiner YDNA Project
Newsweek article on DNA testing that mentions my name
A little bit about the webmaster (Brian D. Hamman, Ph.D.)
1) full-length, peer reviewed, scientific publications and patents (as of Feb-2012)
2) all-state center midfielder on 1985 state champion soccer team
3) my Achilles tendon rupture in March of 2012
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