Genealogical Info on Some Descendents of Ursula

So far, there are 49 people from Clan Ursula who have submitted their mtDNA data and genealogical info to this website, accounting for a total of 290 members.  You can view their info by clicking on the underlined sub-clades below.  If you feel you are a match and would like to contact them, use their ID# and then find their email addresses here.  If you would like me to add your info to this register, please send me your: 1) email address; 2) name and info on earliest proven mtDNA donor; 3) HVR1 and HVR2 (if tested) mutations; 4) testing company; 5) number of matches you have at HVR1 and HVR2. 

Email this info to me, Brian Hamman, at  Thanks! 

Updated about every 6 weeks, last update on 30-Sep-2005


Click here to view side-by-side comparison of all data submitted


4 submissions of U5(or pre-V) accounting for 5 members


5 submissions of U5a* accounting for 11 members


25 submissions of U5a1* accounting for 111 members


1 submission of U5a1x16270T accounting for 1 member


6 submissions of U5a1a accounting for 121 members


8 submissions of U5b* accounting for 41 members


0 submissions of U5b1 accounting for 0 members