Participant # A-3




Wellie Hamann

m. 10-09-1933. St-Victor, Québec

Beatrice Paré


Joseph Hamann

m. 11-05-1880, St-Evariste, Québec

Angelina Villeneuve


Louis Hamann

m. 09-02-1847, St-Isidore, Québec

Marguerite Vere


Generation 6


Jean Francois HAMANN m. Marie VALLIERES    Jean Francois HAMANN was born on 17 Mar 1791 in St Marie de Beauce, Quebec , Canada [79].  He died  on 31 Dec 1873 in St Isidore, Beauce, Québec , Canada [1]. He married Marie VALLIERES on 06  Jul 1819 in St Marie de Beauce, Quebec , Canada .



Generation 7


Johann Nikolaus HAMANN m. Elisabeth Isabelle FONTAINE Nikolaus Hamann was born on 24 Aug 1751 in Dudenhofen, Hessen-Darmstadt , Germany [1]. He died on 08 Jun 1827 in St Henri de Lauzon, Levie, Quebec , Canada [91]. He married  Elisabeth Isabelle FONTAINE on 06 May 1786 in St Marie de Beauce, Quebec , Canada (Holy  Trinity Angellican by Rev David Francis Montmollin).  Born in the small village of Dutenhofen (now Rodgau vice the Dudenhoffen near Spire),  he was recruited as an  auxiliary soldier. On March 22nd 1776,  in the small community of Nymegen in Holland , the English Colonel Rainsford passed the German  troups of Hesse-Hanau under review and the certificate was signed by Colonel Lentz. Nicolas  Hamman was listed under item # 71.  Nicolas came to Canada as a Hessian soldier serving the British Army.


Generation 8


Johann HAMMANN m. Anna Katharina MULLER   Johann HAMMANN was born on 31 Mar 1709 in Germany . He married Anna Katharina MULLER on 09 Jan  1742 in Germany .


Generation 9


Franz HAMANN m. Anna Catherina KRIEGK  Franz Hamann was born on 25 Mar 1679 in Langstadt, Darmstadt-Dieburg, Hessen ,  Germany [1].  He  died on 12 Apr 1739. He married Anna Catharina KRIEGK on 11 Jan 1707.


                                                                   Generation 10


Sebastian Hammann, b. 23-Apr-1646, Langstadt, Hessen-Darmstadt, Germany; d. 12-Jan-1691, Langstadt, Hessen-Darmstadt, Germany; m. Maria Barbara Metzler


        Generation 11


Heinrich Hammann, b. 1609, Langstadt, Hessen-Darmstadt, Germany; Langstadt, Germany; m. Elisabetha