Patrilineage from Nichols Participant #137332 (Michael Nichols,
1)     Michael Warren Nichols

2)     William Snowden Nichols, Jr.

3)     William Snowden Nichols DOB March 15, 1890   born Bedias, TX , died Beaumont, TX 5/9/1964—attorney, district judge in Beaumont, TX married Eva Irene Rix his full siblings were Gay (Ocy) and Charles Benjamin Nichols—Charles Benjamin’s only son also named Charles Benjamin died in WWII his half siblings included J.O (Oscar) who died in flu epidemic, Tom (who has only surviving additional male lineage other than my brothers-1 grandson), Dora, Kate, Sam, and Jerry

4)     Charles Benjamin Nichols DOB 1/27/1856 in Mississippi, probably in northern Mississippi near Tennessee border, died 7/21/1904 in Grimes County, TX.  Moved to
Texas when he was 18 or 19 years old—general store owner, county clerk married to Mary Alice Ross who died after my grandfather’s birth; 2nd wife Parthenia A. Ross was second cousin of first wife.   Charles’ father died when he was about 10 years old and raised by maternal uncle William Slocumb; Had a 1/2 brother William from stepmother Martha F. Street Lewis in Mississippi and appears on 1870 census as 6 year old living with maternal uncle John Street in Yazoo County. Charles Benjamin had no contact with his 1/2 brother William after the death of his father.

5)     James Fitzjames Nichols, born in New York (? Albany between 1819 and 1821); listed as 39 in 1860 Yazoo County, Mississippi census, died in about 1866 when son was 10 years old in northern Mississippi was school teacher who moved to Mississippi and was “lost” to his family when he did not return to New York during the Civil War; asked to be buried next to his first wife Nancy Slocumb in Hinds County, MS.  Is listed as “Whereabouts unknown “in his father’s estate papers after his death in 1869; family stories say he was expected to return to New York at the time of the Civil War by his family, but didn’t do so since he had married Nancy Jane Slocumb who was from Wilkinson County Mississippi leading to permanent family rift between James Fitzjames and his father James Nichols.  Per Luce family genealogy website, James was born in 1819, but this date might be wrong if he was actually 39 at time of 1860 census in
Mississippi. Had full sister Charotte Bleeker Nichols, and half sibs William Henry Nichols, Alonzo Danvers Nichols, Charles Collender Nichols, John Howard Nichols, Julia Frances Nichols, and Charles Benjamin Nichols who were all born in New York.  The exact dates of birth of all of James Nichols’ children other than James Fitzjames are listed on this “Family search” website with each of his wives.  There are no listed offspring with a 3rd wife named Sydney.

6)      James Nichols, born 7/4/1793 or 7/4/1796 (depending on which date is correct) in New Lebanon Springs, Columbia, NY; worked for the state government in Albany, info on the LDS “Family Search” website lists his occupations as  “Registrar of the State Banking House at Albany, NY” and “Clerk in comptroller’s office, Albany NY”.  First wife was Jane Deborah Luce, second wife was Julia Elvira Luce; I don’t know if they were related; Jane Deborah was James Fitzjames’ mother.  James died on
4/26/1869 in Albany NY; I don’t have an actual copy of his death information but I believe his youngest son Charles Benjamin was the executor for the estate

7)      Benjamin Nichols born in East,
Connecticut is listed on the Luce family pedigree website.  I do not know if this information is accurate.  (Notes from BH:  There is a Benjamin Nichols in the 1810 Census for Hillsdale, Columbia Co., NY, but he is only 16-26; in 1820, there is a James Nichols in Canaan, Columbia Co., NY, who is 26-45 with 3 boys under 10 and I think this is #137332’s 3rd great grandpa as Canaan Township is right next to New Lebanon other Nichols in either township in 1820).

“I think all of the information above is correct since the James Nichols estate settlement in
New York in 1869 lists James Fitzjames Nichols.  I suspect our relationship goes back to the Joseph or John Nichols generations or further.  My dad told me that before he knew that the Nichols family originated in the New York area he met a veterinarian at a national veterinary meeting from New York who looked “just like” his cousin Charles Benjamin who was killed during WW II.  Family lore says that the Nichols are of British heritage.  Family lore also states that the family names that are to be passed down are Charles Benjamin Nichols and William James Fitzjames Snowden Nichols......

It is fine with me to post my Nichols ancestry on the website.  I just checked on the website and it said I had a 12/12 match but I don’t even really know what that means.  All I saw is that I was R1B1B2 and compared that to the Nichols website you sent me.
Michael Nichols