Patrilineage for Hamann Participant #171656


1) Participant #171656

2) Arthur Hamann, b. 2 Sep 1907, Strasbourg, France; died 19-Mar-1974, Strasbourg

m. (1) Marie-Josephine Weber, on 24-Mar-1932, in Strasbourg; m. (2) Hedwige Sophie Anstett,

†††† on 29-Mar-1952, in Strasbourg

3) Jacob/Jacques Hamann, b. 21-Jul-1882, Strasbourg; died 21-Feb-1942, Strasbourg.He had 3

††††††† brothers and 4 sisters.

m. Marie Ott, on 17-Nov-1906, Strasbourg.Marie was born 13-Aug-1877, Erstein, France; her

††† parents were August Martin Ott and Maria Anna Herr

4) Michael/Michel Hamann, b. 28-Aug-1839, Strasbourg; died ??.Michael had at least 1 brother

††††††† (Daniel) and 5 sisters.

m. Catherine Ossel, on 2-Mar-1865, Strasbourg.Catherine was born 6-Nov-1845, Strasbourg; her

††† parents were Joseph Ossel (born 2-Oct-1807 in Hagenau) and Catherine Kencker (born 21-Apr-

†††† 1812, in La Robertsau)

5) Lorentz/Laurent Hamann, b. 13-Aug-1801, Saint-Jean des Choux (now called Saint-Jean-

†††††††† Saverne), Alsace, France; in Gotteshausen (now called Gottenhouse, south edge of Saverne) by

†††††††† 1833 when a daughter was born, then moved to Strasbourg between 1836 and 1839. Lorentz

††††††††† Hamanndied in Strasbourg on 10-Apr-1870.

m. Catherine Schoettel, before 1-Mar-1833, probably in Gotteshausen.She was born in Neuwiller-

††††† les-Saverne between 1801 and 1807.Her parents were Lorentz Schoettel and Maria Anna Hilser.

†††††† Catherine died on 5-Jul-1889, in Strasbourg

6) Hans Georg Hamman, he signed his name this way on Lorentz Hamanís birth certificate.He

††††††††† was born in around 1760.

†††† m. Maria Anna Harbauer (sp?) on 7-Apr-1785, in St. Jean.Her parents were Georg

†††††††††† Harbauer and widow Catherine Bernhardt, residents of Neuweiller.

†††††† ††††*They also had a son named Antoine who fathered an Antoine that came to America in 1828.

†††††††††† *Also spelled his name Haman and Hammann; death record is Johann Georg Hammann.

7) Hans Georg Haman, born 8-Dec-1720, died 18-Mar-1786, St. Jean.Had brother named Joseph

††††††††† born in 1715, who had a son named Leonhard who sponsored baptism of Lorentz (in 1801).

†††† m. (1) Gertrud Denninger on 29-Jan-1743, in St. Jean.Her parents were Peter Denninger and

†††††††††† Catherine Misser.Gertrud died before 7-Feb-1787.

†††† m. (2) Maria Anna Goets in 1780.

8) Johann Georg Haman/Hamman, b. 17-Feb-1681, St. Jean, d. 13-May-1736, St. Jean

††† m. Maria Agatha Schneider on 15-Nov-1706 in St. Jean.Her parents were Johann Michael

†††††††††† Schneider and Ursula Wagner of St. Jean.

†††††††† *This couple had at least 3 other sons and one other daughter (I have their birth records).

9) Johann Peter Haman/Hamman/Haaman, b. ~1648, d. 4-Jan-1730, St. Jean, buried in the

††††††††† cemetery of St. Agatha Monasteryís Chapel.His occupation was judge/lay assessor.

††† m. Anna Decker on 4-May-1670 in St. Jean. She died 28-Dec-1719 and buried St Agatha Cemetery.

†††††††† *This couple also had a son named Francis born on 4-Oct-1671 and daughter Anna Maria b. 1692.

†††††††† *Besides this Peter Haman, there also existed a Jacob Hamman married to Margarethe Waltheim

††††† †††††††who had at least one son named Laurentius born in 1669 (d. 14-Jul-1694).