Patrilineage for Hamman participant #121982


1)     Hans Jacob Hamman, ch. 15-Sep-1636, Neustadt, Rhineland-Pfalz, Germany; d. 26-Jan-1691, Lachen-Speyerdorf, Rhineland-Pfalz, Germany; m. (2) Anna Margareth (Rodt) Weingartner.


2)     Hans Nicolaus Hamman, bapt. 21-May-1682, Lachen-Speyerdorf; d. 9-Apr-1747; m. Catherine Barbara Grabeler.


3)     Johann Jacob Hammann, b. 27-Aug-1722, Lachen-Speyerdorf; d. 27-Jan-1801; m. Anna Elizabeth Mees.


4)     Philip Heinrich Hammann, b. 10-Sep-1763, Lachen-Speyerdorf; d. ??; m. Katharina Theobald.


5)     Daniel Hamman, b. 10-Nov-1793, Lachen-Speyerdorf; d. 1870, Crawford Co., Pennsylvania; m. Barbara Sauter.  Immigrated to America on 31-Jul-1832.*


6)     Christopher Hamman, b. 22-Sep-1816, Lachen-Speyerdorf; d. 12-Feb-1890, Warrick, Warrick Co., Indiana.  Immigrated to America on 31-Jul-1832.*


7)     Daniel W. Hamman, b. Jun 1846, Warrick Co., Indiana


8)     Alvah Hamman, b. Dec 1874, Warrick Co., Indiana


9)     Orval Hamman, b. 2-Nov-1901, Warrick Co., Indiana, d. 6-Feb-1993, St. Charles Co., Missouri


10)  Father


11)  Participant #121982



*From 121982: “received a letter from the Oberburgermeister of Neustadt in

response to a query I sent a month ago. He confirmed among other things that

Christoph Hammann was born on Sept 22, 1816 and that he emigrated with his

parents, Daniel and Barbara to the U.S. in 1832 (departed on July 31, 1832).”