Patrilineage for Hammann Participant # A-8


1) Sebastian Hammann


2) Hanss Ulerich Hammann, m. Anna Braun (b. 21-Sep-1673, d. 27-Feb-1744) in Hepsisau, Württemberg, Germany  on 7-Nov-1693; Hanss died in Hepsisau, Württemberg, Germany on 16-Apr-1745


3) Johann Ulerich Hammann, b. 18-Sep-1697, Hepsisau, Württemberg, Germany; d. 26-Dec-1763, Hepsisau, Württemberg, Germany; m. Anna Gienger (b. Nov-1700, d. 29-Apr-1760) on 9-Nov-1723


4) Johann Melchior Hammann, b. 14-Oct-1734, Hepsisau, Württemberg, Germany; d. 11-Jul-1796, Hepsisau, Württemberg, Germany; m. Margaretha Doll (b.14-Dec-1739, d. 16-Jan-1818) on 24-Jan-1730 in Hepsisau.  Johann Melchoir Hammann had a brother named Jacob (b. 1742) whose son Jacob (b. 1775) emigrated to America with part of his family in 1839; that Jacob (b. 1775) had a son named Jacob (b. 1809) who emigrated later (in 1854) and he and his descendants settled in Baltimore.


5) Jakob Hammann, b.11-Jan-1768, Hepsisau, Württemberg, Germany; d. 16-Oct-1834, Hepsisau, Württemberg, Germany; he was a farmer; m. Margaret Braun (b. 30-Dec-1774, d. 5-Nov-1833) on 25-Feb-1794 in Hepsisau


6) Conrad Hammann, b. 20-Dec-1796, Hepsisau, Württemberg, Germany; d. 16-Mar-1838, Hepsisau, Württemberg, Germany; he was a farmer; m. Maria Katherina Gienger (b. 1799, d. 5-May-1837) on 11-Nov-1822 in  Hepsisau


7) Jacob Hammann, b. 2-Jan-1825, Hepsisau, Württemberg, Germany; d. 3-Jul-1892, Buck Valley, Fulton Co., Pennsylvania; immigrated 1854 with siblings; married Barbara E. Weller


8) George I. Hammann, b. 21-Oct-1872, Hancock, Washington Co., Maryland; d. 21-Jul-1960, Barron Co., Wisconsin; m. Myrtle Lee


9) William Lee Hammann, b. 27-May-1920, Barron Co., Wisconsin; d. 21-Mar-1992, Barron Co., Wisconsin; m. Lavina Pearl Korbson


10) Father


11) Participant #A-8