Patrilineage for Weldy Participant #273847 (from Harley Weldy,



Christian Weldy was born about 1785 in PA or Germany. He died Mar 1820 in German Twp, Montgomery County, Ohio.  He married Susannah Grow.  They had a son, Joseph, born in Kentucky about 1802.  The other six children were born in German Twp, Montgomery County, Ohio.


Daniel Weldy was born on 03 Jun 1809 in German Twp, Ohio. He died on 04 Mar 1873 in West Charleston, Ohio. He married Priscilla Thomas, daughter of Hazel Thomas on 16 May 1830 in Miamisburg, Montgomery Co, Ohio.


Uriah Weldy was born on 15 Aug 1833 in Liberty, Mongomery Co, Ohio. He died on 15 Feb 1906 in Piqua, Ohio. He married Lucy Ann Shockey in 1855.


William Henry Weldy was born on 20 Dec 1859 in West Carollton, Ohio. He died on 11 Feb 1925 in Piqua, Ohio. He married Caroline Chalmers, daughter of George Chalmers on 11 Apr 1878 in Miami County, Ohio.


Ora Elmer Weldy was born on 10 Sep 1894 in Piqua, Ohio. He died on 15 Nov 1951 in Dayton, Ohio. He married Fern Leora Weldy, daughter of Harley Wallace Weldy and Minnie Elizabeth Bennett on 13 Jan 1913 in Toledo, Ohio.


Harley William Weldy was born on 04 Mar 1917 in West Milton, Ohio. He died on 06 Nov 1986 in Lakeland, Florida. He married Lily Marie Hilleary, daughter of Roy Adam Hilleary and Lily May Brown on 09 Feb 1935.



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